How to Show Up for Yourself

We’ve all heard the sayings: “You accept the love you think you deserve”, “you can’t give from
an empty cup”. But what do these cliché idioms really mean? And how does it relate to yoga

Showing up for yourself means setting the standard for how life will, in turn, show up for you.
Through consistent application of this practice on your yoga mat, you cultivate the ability to
hold yourself to a high standard in all facets of your life. By doing so, you unveil a power and
love that has been inside you all along. Conscious movement aligned with conscious breath will
help you illuminate your most authentic self.
So how do you show up for yourself? Unfortunately, there is no mathematical equation nor fail-
proof set of rules to get you there. We all have different life experiences, struggles, victories,
personalities, etc. Showing up for your life is something only YOU can do. Here are five tips to
lead you in the right direction:

1. Be receptive to new possibility.
You’ve spent your entire life shaping who you “think” you are. When did you decide that you
were “a quiet person” or maybe “the party girl”? Were these things that you even chose, or
rather what someone else told you to think? What would it be like to drop these preconceived
notions that are rooted in the past? It’s impossible to invite space for something new in if you
are still holding on to old stories. It’s your ego wanting to stay the same! Our bodies wish to
maintain homeostasis- a dynamic equilibrium, an equal balance of yin and yang. Our minds
want to do this too; we tell ourselves the same stories and get the same results. Simply so the
egos remain unscathed. What would your life look like if you were open and receptive to a
completely new possibility of who you authentically are?

2. Consistently do a small routine that brings you JOY.
You already know that consistency is key. Consistency is what forms habits, for better or for
worse. It takes small, incremental changes to have big, lasting results. Create a simple routine
that you love and practice it reliably. Find something that brings you uninhibited joy and
growth; not something you think you “should” do. Do what aligns with your soul and radiates
self-love. For example: prepping your meals while listening to your favorite music, doing a
morning yoga flow, reciting positive mantras that you’ve written. Whatever it is, make sure that it uplifts your spirit before, during, and after it’s completed (read: binging on Oreos may feel
great in the moment, but definitely not a routine you’ll want to do consistently). How you do one thing is how you do everything. Use this consistent routine to practice showing up with
love, light, and compassion for your life.

3. Be fully present.
How often do you find yourself living in the to-do list of your mind, rather than out in the world
with the rest of us? (I plead guilty to this charge!) This tip can be sneaky: it’s finding a balance
between working hard and enjoying your efforts. Living inside your head is a lonely place,
detached from community and authenticity. The mind can be sneaky and make you believe you
are showing up for yourself by overworking. When in reality, we keep overly-busy to avoid
feeling what we need to feel. Being fully present means noticing when you’re slipping into this
mentality and coming back to your center, without judgement.

4. Self-Inquiry.
Self-inquiry is everything! How can you show up for yourself if you don’t even know who you
are showing up for? Don’t allow your life to be a never-ending blind date; get to know you.
Who are you, without the stories you’ve held on to? Yoga is an excellent avenue for the
exploration of self. Through your practice, you have the opportunity to learn how to deeply tap
in to the intricacies of your body and mind. On your mat, you have the freedom to drop
expectations and attachments. Just like how the greatest ideas happen when you least expect
them to (shower, dreams, etc.), when you surrender to yourself, anything is possible.

5. Show up even when it’s hard.
Show up for your life even when you’re tired. After a hard day at work, after a fight with a loved
one. Show up even when you have a million reasons not to. Show up – fully. It’s moments like
these that define the standard you truly accept for yourself. This is when you prove to yourself
that you are worth it. Of course, it isn’t easy. Consistently showing up when it’s tough is what
separates you from the rest. And, in my experience, will help you realize how much you
sincerely do love yourself. There’s no secret trick: it’s grit and resilience.

Decide to take a stand for yourself. Unfailingly make the choice to honor your wants and needs
as they arise by mindfully listening to your heart. Showing up is a big task- there is no room for
judgement and no time to rely on old stories of who you thought you were. Show up for your
life and be prepared for your dreams to work out!

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